Are you an online seller? Are you looking to show off your products at their best? I offer bespoke product photography for all types of products and can help you showcase your work elegantly and professionally. Read below for some more information and if you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to GET IN TOUCH.


We will have a discussion about how many products you have, the type of products and complexity of the photographs you're looking for. If you only have a handful of products these can be photographed at the price per product rate. If you have a large collection or are looking for more complex photograph setups this will be charged at the half day or full day rate as appropriate.

£35 Per Styled Photograph
£400 for Half a Day
£800 for a Full Day

As a rull of thumb, one product photograph can be completed in 15-20 minutes based on the complexity of the setup.

My studio is at my home in Kilmarnock. The walls and floors are painted white and it has big, east-facing windows for the best possible lighting. I am a daylight photographer and I try to avoid using flash as much as I can so it’s important to get as much daylight in the room as possible!

Kilmarnock is located in East Ayrshire and is easily accessible from all areas of Ayrshire. It’s also only a 25 minute drive from Glasgow. If you’re nearby you can come to the studio with your products and we can work on the photographs together. Otherwise, you can send your items to me and I’ll take good care of them!


Clients and Love Lila Photography jointly own copyright. You may use the photographs for self-promotional use on your website, social media etc. and in printed form. We may use them for our own promotional activity. The photographs may not be resold in any form.

GET IN TOUCH with us if you would like any more information on product photography or if you would like to book a photoshoot!