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print title *

Please indicate the family name or message you’d like displayed at the top of the print e.g. “the sanders family” or “grannie’s flock”

how many flamingos? *

Please choose the combination of adult and child flamingos for your print! See the gallery for examples.

names in order of left to right *

See the gallery to find out where each name goes for your chosen design.

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A gorgeous, unique, personalisable flamingo family print. Beautiful, colourful wall art for the home!

This product is a photographic print and no real flowers will be included with your order.

This is a beautiful keepsake print with adorable flamingos and floral theme. The image was created using real, living flowers and petals and professionally photographed on a pink cheesecloth background. Makes a wonderful gift for family and friends alike, or as wall art for your own home, this print will add a bit of life and colour to any room! The print is completely personalisable with 10 different combination options! You choose how many adult and child flamingos that you want on the print and the names to go with them:

Option A: One Adult
Option B: One Adult + One Child
Option C: One Adult + Two Children
Option D: One Adult + Three Children
Option E: One Adult + Four Children
Option F: Two Adults
Option G: Two Adults + One Child
Option H: Two Adults + Two Children
Option I: Two Adults + Three Children
Option J: Two Adults + Four Children

You can choose the option that fits your family, or your friends family, gran and her grandchildren, mum and daughter, dad and his boys, anything you like! Look through the gallery to see what each option looks like.

Please check the gallery carefully to find out where each individual name will go on your chosen design, and then supply the names in order of left to right. For example, if you select “G: Two Adults & One Child”, the child is on the left followed by two adults and the names need to be provided in that order.

Our prints come in A5 (148 x 210mm) and A4 (210 x 297mm) size, and you can choose to have your print mounted or framed!

A lovely card mount to border your print and display it as it’s best! Available in 3 colours: white, pink and rose, as pictured in the gallery.

A simple, modern styled frame available in white only. We use acrylic glazing in our frames instead of glass as it has better clarity and makes the product much safer for delivery. We recommend framing to preserve and protect your print.

310gsm Textured Fine Art Paper

a5 print only: 148 x 210 mm
print + mount: 198 x 260 mm
print + mount + frame: 249 x 311 mm

a4 print only: 210 x 297 mm
print + mount: 280 x 350 mm
print + mount + frame: 330 x 410 mm